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NeuroFluidics DuaLink MEA Starter Kit

NeuroFluidics DuaLink MEA Starter Kit

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  • Functional activity recording
  • 1 or 2 cell types electrophysiology activity isolation per compartment
  • Compatible with lab equipments and imaging & biochimic analysis readouts
  • 4 QuarterBentos (16 data points) of chosen architecture
  • 2 NeoBento MEA EDGE with 4 plugs
  • Training on microfluidics & MEA-recording and 1-hour support meeting
  • Available on demand with Rodent DRG

What need to use it?

  • Maestro EDGE or PRO, powered by Axion BioSystems
  • UpLink downloadable from NETRI Support Page
  • Stardard equipments (biological safety cabinet, micropipettes etc…)
  • Standard consummables (Ethanol 70%, distilled water etc…)
  • Your cells and coating & media solutions associated

To see all equipments and consummables required, please refer to our DuaLink Protocol.

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